i’ll stop writing about money when i finally get some

the thing about being broke that nobody ever tells you is that it makes it really, really hard to do the right thing.

today i got one of those headaches that feels like i have a blue and green mass growing above my left eye. and i tried to take some tylenol, which my lovely co-worker gave me for free, but that crap didn’t do a darn thing to ease my pain. i knew when i took it though that the only thing that was going to work was advil. except i didn’t have any freaking advil.

so i was going to try and ignore the problem by relying on my old stand-by – praying that God and/or magic will fix it. however, neither came through for me today, so i had to drive over to wal-greens and buy some stupid advil.

and im ashamed to admit this, but for the first time in my life the thought of stealing the medicine actually crossed my mind. i just did NOT have the $3.98 it was going to cost me for the generic ibuprofen. i mean i had it, but it had already been allocated for gas money.

of course, i did not steal the medicine. but the thought fluttered over my brain and past what felt like a blue and green mass above my left eye for at least a solid half of a second.

and my 12-year-old self, who never got headaches that felt like a blue and green mass was growing above her left eye, and who never had to understand money, would have never, for even a half a second, ever considered stealing something. in fact, one time, when i was about 12, i walked to the dominick’s grocery down the street from my house with some friends. and they decided to each steal one grape from the produce bins, and i refused to partake. PEOPLE I WOULDN’T EVEN STEAL A GRAPE.

now look at my moral-less self. im one step away from stealing drugs. not illegal drugs, mind you. but those can’t be too far off.

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  1. I wrote a really good response to this last night but accidentally deleted it by clicking off the tab. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote except for that it was obviously brilliant, appropriate for the subject and completely made you feel better about your current situation.

    Also, comments were turned off for the previous posting. Very artistic of you if I may say so.

  2. That sucks that you deleted the comment! as for turning the comments off, unfortunately that wasn’t so much artistic as “i accidentally turned them off” so if you have something to say, feel free 🙂 they should be wide open now.

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