im feeling pretty, umm, what’s the word? oh. ya. “blah.”

i miss south dakota. and the boy. im not going to pretend i just forgot about him because im 12 hours away. i didn’t. i miss him.

and i gained 4 pounds in the last two weeks. FOUR FREAKING POUNDS! wtf? all day, every day i think about how i want to lose 10 14 pounds. is that too much to ask? no. no it is not. except for the fact that my body HATES ME!

also, i wish i made more money so i could pay all my bills all the time. im not asking for a Ferrari, or even a new set of tires for my escort, just enough money to pay off my student loans in a reasonable manner.

oh, and i suck at being vegan. i want to be vegan so bad. but i suck at it.

also, i need to buy contacts, but im too cheap to get them, so instead i have to wear my stupid glasses everyday. even when i went to see a 3D movie, which i means i literally had two pairs of glasses on for 2 hours.

that’s right, i saw UP. and it wasn’t even good. all of you people out there saying it was good? you’re wrong. it was predictable, and the 3D stuff wasn’t cool because hardly anything jumped out at you, and the only cute part was the nice talking dog.

also, i’ve had a cold for like the last three months straight and sudfed doesn’t even work and my right ear probably has an infection or something because it’s REALLY bothering me, but im too lame to do anything about it.

and well, really, im just sad because i’m going to a wake tomorrow. and that’s never good.

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  1. Crystal,
    Maybe you have algeries instead of a cold. Perhaps to the dog that you are now living with. It is a thought.

  2. Remember what happened last time you didn’t go to the doctor for 13 years when something was bothering you? You got your gallbladder out. Go!

  3. I spent the last 3 days in the hospital for kidney stone related issues. I had surgery in that time.. have to have another procedure done again in like 10 days. I think I’d rather have an ear infection. 🙁 By the way, thanks for coming Saturday. It was good seeing you!

  4. BlackJack is a spoodle (cockapoo), and I swear he is supposed to be hypoallergenic! I swear! Maybe Benadryl instead of sudafed might be a good idea. You know, for those OUTDOOR allergens…

  5. @Sandy, that thought did in fact cross my mind. but don’t worry @Jill, I’ve decided that’s probably not the case seeing as how I sleep in a room Black Jack (the dog) never uses. that my friends is what’s called “crystal logic.”

    @Sarah, sorry to hear about your kindey stone issues 🙁 I did have a good time Saturday though.

    @Mandy. i know. trust me. i know.


  6. Is this the boy on the boat wearing a shirt without sleeves? Look, Crystal I didn’t say anything when you went out with that guy that made you dinner at his place on the first date, but I probably should have. You see, you can never trust a guy that makes you dinner on the first date; you just can’t. Similarly you can not trust someone that wears tee shirts without sleeves. It’s true, I read it in a book. It makes sense too, because after finishing my sophomore year I only wore shirts without sleeves. I spent the entire summer picking pockets and using the money to cheat at skeeball.

    A gentleman can not cook and should always wear sleeves. Also, they should know at least one card trick. Think about it, these are good suggestions.

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