im pretty sure this makes me evil

holy tennis ball does my doggie roommate L.O.V.E. to play catch.

me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: change the channel, throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch. me: throw. him: catch.

but today, my human roommate taught me how to trick the little buddy. a technique i first thought was mean, but eventually came to realize was actually just a really great boost to my self esteem.

see what i do is fake throw it, and the whip of my hand makes him think i actually throw it.

i know. im tricky.

the poor guy will wonder around the house for like MINUTES searching for it.

MINUTES! people.

and the whole time im just sitting on the couch all proud of my ability to out smart a lower life form.

it almost makes up for the fact that i pick up his poop on a daily basis.

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  1. Crystal, I did not know this side of you existed. I love it! More evil please.

    Reminds me of that Star Wars game I used to play; Knights of the Old Republic. (What? It was a video game on Xbox, not Star Wars–Trivial Pursuit; I’m not THAT nerdy). It’s a game where you can make choices that shape the direction of the game, and whether you will be good and follow the path of the light, or become evil and follow the path of the dark side. Anyway… I walked into this cantina on Tatooine and this dude made some comments I did not like. Rather than turn the other cheek, I used the force to choke him until near death. HA! What’s the matter holmes? No more smart-alecky things to say? [I open robe slightly to reveal lightsaber attached to my belt]. Huh? What was that? Does it hurt to talk after I crushed your esophagus with my thoughts? Did you want to do something about it? Didn’t think so! Now give me all of your credits and you may resume staring at the floor to avoid eye contact.

    I would later go on to rule the universe and spend my evenings faking out my dog by pretending to throw a tennis ball for him to fetch.

  2. Ohhhh we do this to my dog too! It makes me so sad though because he gets really stressed out and starts whining when he can’t find whatever it is that I “threw”. Especially if its food – the dog LIVES for food so if he can’t find it, he starts to cry!! I’m so mean!

  3. I’m sorry if this causes you to lose that newfound self-esteem, but what I’m fascinated by most in this post is that you needed to be taught this trick. I take it you don’t play fetch often?

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