chit. chat.

ya. ya. i changed the design here. i was never 100 percent happy with the black and pink because i felt like it was suffocating my blog. the dark wood on the edges closed everything in too much.

also, i’ve been really wanting an interactive twitter feed on the side so people could just click “follow” and Viola! they’d be able to follow me. but even the narrowest twitter widget didn’t fit on the old site, so i HAD to change the design.

i know you guys hate change. so i am sorry. but i promise to commit to this for at least six months. three months. a week.

moving on.

yes, yes, I’m still vegan. it’s been 13 days. and today my roommate wanted ice cream and i was all OHH! OHH! maybe dairy queen has fruit smoothies made with just fruit!! Let’s call to ask.

so she called to ask, and was all: yes, do you guys have anything without dairy in it?

well, we have nachos and i’m pretty sure the cheese doesn’t have dairy in it.

a. yes. yes it does. and b. if it doesn’t, they probably shouldn’t call it cheese.

accepting defeating, we instead went to culver’s, where i could get a lemon cooler. except, apparently they don’t start selling those until summer. i asked, ‘when specifically do you start selling them?’ and was told “umm, when we order them.”

i figure i’ll give them till April 1.

in other news, i kind of met my hero today. and by kind of, i mean i did.

her name is heather b. armstrong. and her blog is dooce.

i got to interview her for 40 minutes for a story im working on for my day job.

yes. she’s awesomer than life itself in person. yes. she’s super nice. and yes, i would like to be her when i grow up.

after the article runs sometime within the next few weeks, i will link to it.

and then we will all smile with glee.

true story.

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  1. So this is why you were in such a good mood today. It’s great that you got to interview someone you admire so much; few lines of work allow for such.

  2. I like THE change. Change is GOOD. Without change, where would we all be? In a pretty boring place. Probably stuck at about the age of 10 or so. Keep experimenting! You’ll hit on something sometime that will stick around for a week or so. Then you will know you have reached a place of peace for awhile.

  3. Try Rita’s (if there’s one in your area). They have yummy Italian ice (tastier than it sounds) sweetened with real fruit juice = VEGAN! Just stay away from the “cream ice” (duh). The Mango flavor is my favorite!

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