Iraq you say?

I met a boy this weekend while at a umm, place people dance to very loud music and flashing lights.

He’s super cute, and a Marine and I really like him.

And when we met in the middle of the dance floor, I was all “So, you’re a Marine? Have you ever been to Iraq?”

He shook his head yes.

Seeing as how I’ve written about 739 stories about soldiers who’ve been in Iraq, I then started asking him relatively specific questions about his experience. I asked about the weather, and the living arrangements and what exactly he did while he was there, and how long he was there, and how his family dealt with all the stress and I think I even asked him how he felt about Obama shifting focus so that more troops were headed toward Afghanistan.

And then, like three hours later, I was still bringing it up, and he looked at me, with these gorgeous brown eyes that reminded me bite-size pieces of milk chocolate, and said, “I’m sorry. I just can’t lie to you. I’ve never been to Iraq. I didn’t hear you when you originally asked me on the dance floor, so I just shook my head yes, and then before I knew what was happening I realized you thought I’d been to Iraq, and I couldn’t go back. But, I’ve never actually been there. I’ve been to Hawaii though.”

At least I know the man can’t lie well under pressure – that’ll probably be useful later.

Plus, did I mention he’s super cute?

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  1. Sandy

    Were his answers good enough for article number 740 about Iraq? Can’t lie under pressure but could keep up a story for 3 hours. Not bad.

  2. missinsidegirl


    And, on a side note, isn’t it funny how journalists (even former ones like me), even when they’re not ‘on duty’ still unconsciously ask lots of questions? When AJ and I first started dating, I’d always catch myself asking him to expand on short answers. I’d throw my head bac, laugh, and joke something to the effect of, “I’m not trying to interrogate you, promise! I’m just a writer. We can’t help it.”

  3. SCVegan

    bite sized pieces of milk chocolate. i actually did laugh out loud. it’s very cute.


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