What the Q? Adventures in Scrabble.

I got a 50-point bonus in Scrabble tonight, which I have never, in my entire word-spelling life, done.



Bam. Look at that awesome word. That is my new favorite word. Except, I can’t even be freaking happy every time I open up some Folgers, because I lost the game.

Did you read that? I LOST.

I had a 50-freaking-point bonus (which is basically a Scrabble leprechaun riding on a unicorn) and I still lost.

Final score: 338 (him), 336 (me).

If this were football, it would be the equivalent of running the opening kick-off in for a touchdown, and then losing the freaking Super Bowl. (Oh. Sorry Hester. Still too soon? Wow. Ok. Ya. Sorry).

The Scrabble game was between myself and Mike, the guy I volunteer with once a month at the homeless shelter. You might wonder why I don’t have anything more interesting than a board game to talk about after just spending four hours at a homeless shelter, but in all honesty, Mike and I just sit in a church kitchen from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., while everyone else sleeps in the open area behind us, and then the two of us say a silent prayer that nobody gets in a fight on our shift.

Plus, Mike is an evil-Scrabble genius who somehow got 98 points on single turns with strategic use of the letter Q. Seriously. 98 points. With a Q.

How is this not interesting?

I’m fairly certain he spends all of his waking free time practicing because there is no other way to account for the insane amount of points this man gets. Either that, or he’s cheating when I go to the bathroom.

Here are some visual aids just in case you want to steal our word ideas:


– This is a picture of the board with my bonus word. It is very pretty, so I took a photo, which I will save forever. Also, the words “peon” and “few” both were totally mine and both totally gave me crap-tons of points.


– This is Mike’s insane bonus word, which is really lame. I’ll probably delete this picture very soon so as not to ruin my affection for the word “canister.” Calm down Mike, I’m only kidding. (Mostly).

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  1. This is the best post you’ve ever had, mostly because it boosts my ego.

    By the way, I just found out Read Between the Lynes is having a Scrabble tournament in March. I can’t do it cause I’m getting married. Should I postpone the wedding?

  2. Scrabble, I love scrabble. I used to play it with my mom a lot. She was pretty good too. My sister-in-law Brenda may be a match for your volunteer partner. She is amazing too. I would put her up against anyone, that is how good I think she is. Scrabble on…

  3. Hey girl! When ya gonna come up to Madison and hang with an old lady? I can provide a (semi) comfortable couch for sleeping, all the free vegetarian food and alcohol you can handle, a slightly-smelly workout room (with cable tv and ankle-friendly Gazelle) if you get tired of sleeping/eating/drinking and, yes! Scrabble!
    Hey one other thing that made me think of you the other day — I happened upon this site and it’s pretty amusing. If you’re like me and think the world is out to get only you, check it out 😉 http://www.fmylife.com

  4. @Valerie,
    A trip to Madison sounds like a grand idea! I shall try to get a full two-days in a row off sometime soon and then coordinate accordingly with you 🙂
    As for fmylife, it’s hi.larious! Could read it all the live long day.

    – Crystal

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