is two hours of fetch excessive?


my new roommate
my new roommate

holy crap. why the heck have i never had a dog before?


fetch with a wet tennis ball is AMAZING. 

i recently have been given the privilege of living with a dog (see above), and that topped with the fact that my mom recently got a dog (hi Shadow!) means that all i want do is use this blog to write about the life lessons I’ve learned via puppies

(i.e. unconditional love rocks, the 10-second rule is totally valid (in dog years it’s a 70-second rule), it’s never good to pee where you sleep, daily walks rule and getting excited to see somebody makes everyone’s day better).

but i HATE when people talk about the stupid life lessons they supposedly learned from their pets.

so instead, im going to tell you how i LOVE making up thoughts for dogs. 

as in: he’s probably thinking “i love crystal” 

he’s probably thinking “im in charge here. humans are stupid.”

he’s probably thinking “there’s too many puddles outside today, I’ll have to pee inside.”

he’s probably thinking “if i dig enough, i’ll totally make my way through this plastic cage.”

see how FUNNY they are?


i crack myself up.

the only problem is, these dog-thoughts have started to replace my own real human thoughts.

im thinking it’s all the more the proof that (in the words of my friend the writer) I want to be reincarnated as a dog.


p.s. Dear God, thank you for not making me allergic to dogs. Amen.

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  1. Dogs are great. My puppy (all 105lbs of him) has more personality than most people I know. You know they’ve gotten to you when you start wondering what they think about a situation.

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