it starts at 8

my sister (who’s all of EIGHT) and i went shopping for jeans for her this weekend — which, you know, SHOULD be a fun bonding experience. but instead, we just realized that jean-making companies must measure fabric on blow-up dolls because NOTHING FREAKING FITS! they are either too long, or too tight, or too short or they bunch in the back and show her unmentionables and NO, we are NOT going to ger her $17.99 jc Penny jeans tailored for $50. we just aren’t.

and, you should know, that my EIGHT year-old sister already has encountered vanity sizing in her clothing section. she’s one size, but for some reason her JEANS range in size from 12-16. hmm. THAT seems weird. are little-kid clothing manufactures trying to sell smaller sizes in bigger cuts to make kids feel skinny or are they just too stupid to make things the right size?

and i thought, that maybe it was because she’s half black and half white and maybe clothing manufactures just didn’t know about her body shape. but I’ve since talked to some moms and no matter what kind of kid they have (black, white, both, neither), they all complain that jean shopping sucks.

and the thing is, jean shopping sucks for me too. but, I’m too scared my little sister that. because that means she’ll NEVER be able to find jeans that fit. I’m thinking if Hillary Clinton addressed THIS issue in her campaign, she’d have the nomination sown up by now. pun intended.  

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