loving the roomie

yesterday there i was chillin like an awesome person at applebee’s with a reporter friend, when this guy i know shoots me an e-mail.

which i of course read on my crackberry. (see: addicted to phone).

but it’s not the best of e-mails. (let’s just say, one of the lines was: “I’m going to have to commit to just being friends with you right now.”)



this is the kind of thing that can ruin a girl’s fettuccine. (which it did).

but I pulled myself together long enough to pretend like I hadn’t just gotten a totally awful e-mail, I finished my dinner and my night and found myself in my car.

and I cried.

and I didn’t think I would cry about an e-mail like this from this particular guy, but i guess it was the finality of the whole thing. and i was worried that I was going to cry myself to sleep that night. while i consider the fact that i will never have children. or a husband. or be happy. and that nobody will ever love me.

but when i got home, my awesome roommate was there.

and i told her about the e-mail. and she let me vent. and then she totally sat on the couch with me while we called said guy a schmuck, while thinking of reasons I’m too awesome for him anyway.

and i felt better.

so here’s to my new roommate!

go you.

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