Mrs. Johnny Depp

So, I’m not sure if ya’ll know who Johnny Depp is, but I wanted you guys to be the first to know —

I’m going to marry him!

This isn’t an official annocement or anything, so don’t going telling TMZ, but he is my soul mate and he is coming to Oshkosh, (which is kind of where i live) so I see bright things for him and me. There is the matter of breaking up him and his wife, but let’s just say that shouldn’t be a problem (details to come. and anyone who knows where I can get my hands on a band of folk dancers, 7 elephants and a gymnast should feel free to leave me a comment).

 Also, everyone out there should probalby keep Dec. 12, 2012 open (I’ve always wanted a December wedding and there needs to be time for him to finalize his divorce, fall in love with me and plan the wedding). I’ll be sending out official annoucements just as soon as I actually MEET him. wish me luck.


Mrs. Johnny Depp (it’s never to soon to start practicing a new name). 😉

UPDATE: YES! there IS a casting call this weekend (March 8) in Oshkosh. No! I’m not going. but you should so you can hook me up with Johnny Depp.

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