fitting out

so I’ve been at my new job long enough to be almost close to qualifying for health insurance and I finally don’t feel like a loser here. Starting any job always sucks and this move has been particullarly hard on me for some reason — I blame the excessive snow and the lack of furniture.

Now, almost three months in, I’m no veteran, but a woman at work DID ask little oh me a question today AND i knew the answer, so I’m thinking I’m making progress. Also, if you needed me to show you where the vending machines are, I’d be all over that. I’m also excited that when there’s a fire (or a police stand-off, or a girls basektball game), I no longer hardly ever have to use my phone navigator to find it anymore.  

OH!, AND people are starting to laugh at some of my jokes! I’m thinking that’s a good sign, seeing as how I’m so funny and all. I’m still worried nobody here thinks I’m cool, but I’m thinking this whole blog thing has made me cooler.

I’m hopeful that one day everyone at this job will either think I’m super awesome or leave. 😉

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