no longer “Daily”. now “Random” photo: 09.30.08

bring on the rain

bring on the rain

ok. ok. I ACTUALLY took this particular photo on 9.29.08. so sue me.

and yes, I KNOW now that I apparently suck at keeping daily commitments (a la, my lack of posting daily photos longer than a week). i’m a bad person. get over it.

anyway. here’s a picture. I see now that the flower is absurdly out of focus, while the boring grass is crisp as a cracker.

whatever. dude. I took a picture. with my blackberry. I liked it. and now I’m posting it.

and p.s. the point is, it rained here yesteday. all. freaking. day. but i STILL pick rain over snow.

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  1. scvegan

    The grass IS really clear. At least you know you have the potential to take sharp pictures.


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