stressed is desserts backwords. true story.

you know those times when you make a mistake at work. and you start dating someone with baggage. and winter weather knocks on your door and you realize you’ll be cold for the next 8 months due to your low iron. and your roommate gives you the knowing eye when she learns you’re not perfect. and then you make another mistake at work. and then you realize that the world is financially ending. and you start wondering if you’ll ever get married. or have kids. or good credit. or long hair. and you take a bath only to realize they no longer relax you?

ya. me too.

on the plus side, i’m totally going to a real-life new kids on the block concert Saturday. I’m pretty sure they’ll be sheet sets for sale alongside the cassett tape stand.

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  1. Sorry you’re in a funk. Hey, at least you’ll have interesting stories to tell your grandkids about The Depression II. Plus it gives us all an excuse to start saving our tinfoil and plastic baggies.

  2. 2 packets of instant grits provide 90% of your daily iron. Tasty, cheap and good for you. Might want to try it.

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