nyquil, playoff games and vegan chik’n soup

whatever i have, im pretty sure it’s not the swine flu or anything seeing as how i’ve been taking my temperature every couple hours. just a common cold or some crap. the kind that makes it feel like my chest has been taken over by a bag of wet, green, bubble gum.

i took some nyquil and whatnot, but there’s a slight chance this post will start to sound drunk or i will fall dead asleep on the couch cushion without warning.

in the meantime, im just chillin like a villain watching our two lovely chicago teams do their darndest to win their respective playoff games. GO BLACKHAWKS and, GO BULLS!!!

the bulls happen to be in freaking triple overtime as we read. this team right here is causing heart attacks, strokes and bar fights all over our great state of illinois. and can someone please explain to me why there seems to be a foul in this game every three seconds?

over on the “versus”* channel we have the blackhawks game. i fully confess to being a bandwagon fan on this one folks. i wouldn’t even know the game was on this previously unknown channel had my boss not alerted me to it this afternoon. but it’s all good, because what’s not to love about a chicago team in a playoff game? even if it is on the “versus” channel. now if i could just find the freaking puck.

on another note, let’s talk about my grammar on this site. umm, if you’re expecting me to write without mistakes, please scroll your vision up to the top of the page. see that? my title is “the only certainty is bad grammar” folks. not “good” grammar, not “average” grammar, not even “all right” grammar. BAD grammar. im not trying to pretend that im the best writer in all the world. im not even trying to convince you that i only make mistakes once in awhile.

im flat out telling you that what you read has a 187 percent chance of having a mistake in it. i do not have an editor, and i usually write these posts right before bed, so there will be typos. i catch as many as i can, but perfection just ain’t gonna happen.

can we all please just move on now and stop making sly comments to me about my grammar, typos and capitalization? if you don’t get it, please go read a new york times or something. thanks.

in other news, ya, im still vegan. and i made myself some vegan “chicken” soup tonight in effort to loosen up the aforementioned bubble gum in my chest.

i used morning star vegan chik’n strips, vegan vegetable broth, little shell noodles and cut up red potatoes. i just fried up the chik’n strips and chopped red potatoes, with vegan butter and onion flakes; cooked the noodles and heated the broth. mix that all together with canned vegetables and viola! vegan chik’n soup.

oh, and ya, the bulls just won. WOOT! WOOT!

*seriously folks? you have a whole channel to yourself and all you can come up with “versus.” it sounds like a legal case. and for that matter, what if you ever get sued? “FFC versus Versus?” better make sure you don’t swear i guess.
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  1. Dude, I was feeling ill too. Though, in my case it probably was swine flu which is why I really need to stop kissing strange pigs.

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