random thoughts

1. Yes, I’m aware that i totally used God’s (and his relation’s) name in vein about 46 times in the post “insane.” you know what? I’m a little peeved with the guy right now (see: let’s recap why my life sucks). plus, i NEED to take out my frustrations some-freaking-where and im fully aware that God will forgive me, whereas other people might not be so quick to get over it.

2.the dr. at the emergency room who i see every month or so (see: gall stones) is named hobnob (or something like that). and it’s funny. and even when i feel death coming, i still laugh when i see his name on the white marker board in the er room.



i crack myself up.

3. im told to avoid dairy at least until i get my gall bladder out. still trying to figure out why exactly God hates me.

4. when i get really stressed out, my contacts get filmy for some reason, and as you may have read, i’ve been d*mn stressed out lately. as a result i now think everywhere is foggy. car, office, bathtub, etc.

5. when my sister and i drove into a ditch, the tow truck driver charged me $30 cash, but i think my roadside assistance should have covered it the whole thing. im pretty sure i got scammed.

6. i still really, really want a laptop, but recent crazy life-events have led me to drastically reduce my laptop savings fund. however, if anyone wants to buy me a lap top, i’d totally accept.

7. plans for my saturday include: sleeping, watching reailty tv, not eating dairy, and sleeping.

8. i no longer back-link to posts because my hosting service (look at me being all cool and using phrases such as “hosting services”) (look at me being all lame by using “such as” and not “like” — that’s the crazy journalist in me) takes FOREVER to do oh, anything. someday, when im rich and awesome and have a new laptop and an awesomer (apparently my crazy journalist side doesn’t mind awesomer though) hosting service i will back-link again.

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  1. I used to crack up over the name of our dentist. His name was Dr. Gore. Can you imagine going to a Dr. Gore to have your teeth cleaned. His first name was Al. So there he was, Dr. Al Gore. His name was on his license plate. His car was noticed a lot when Al Gore was running for president.

  2. Never, never, never pay cash to the tow guy. If he gave you a receipt, turn it in to your insurance. They will reimburse you. If you didn’t get a receipt, call the company and have them send you one. No brainer babe. Your insurance will pay you. You just need proof.
    Oh, no dairy for you cause you want it so much. Stay calm. At least they know what is wrong and what to do. Does Dr. Hobnob get to operate?

  3. i love reality TV. sounds like a great day off. i’ll be doing the same, probably.

    oh, and the roadside assistance thing … is that through your insurance or AAA? just sayin’, ’cause I have state farm and when i’ve had towing/lock outs, i just pay for them on the spot then send in my receipt to insurance and they send me a reimbursement check a couple weeks later. maybe you can do that?

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