thoughts on my blog

1. I recently had business cards made for my blog. (so i don’t have to constantly spell the word burritos for people).  well, the lovely people i ordered them from were all ‘oh, let us give you some magnets for like $3.’ so i was all ‘cool.’ however, i have since been told people shouldn’t keep magnets near their computer because it could demagnetize it or something. in conclusion, if i give you a magnet, please do the smart thing: put it on your freaking fridge. and then tell everyone who asks about it that im awesome and then hand them my card.

2. (i think) i’ve figured out how to delay posts from appearing until a later date. if i am in fact smart enough to have figured this out, i will now write two or three posts when im at a computer and then time them to post daily. if im feeling really awesome and i figure out how to have a separate page for daily photos, i may do this for that as well and resurrect that lovely feature. however, that could take a little longer.

3. never. never. never. get a freaking godaddy account. don’t let those super bowl commercials they have every year sway you. the hosting service is THE slowest thing in the world. unfortunatley, i’ve committed to a d*mn year with them, so i’ll just have to be frustrated because im too cheap to pay someone else, when i’ve already paid for one.

4. santa didn’t bring me a laptop (although he did bring me season one of 30 rock, which im excited about, and a two-disk edition of the departed) so im going to try saving up for one again. i’ve decided that instead of asking people to buy me one, im going to be more practical about the whole thing. so, if you have a gently used laptop or computer and need someone to take it off your hands, im your girl. will pay money for said laptop or computer. to get in touch and hook me, look under the contact me secion of this blog and send me an e-mail.

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  1. I made stickers for my blog but I got them the same size as business cards. So, when I hand them out people are all, “Oh, why are your cards so flimsy” and I have to explain that they are stickers and then hand over more stickers so they can stick them on things that need stickers on them. Before you know it, you’ve had a full conversation and gained a new friend.

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