rollar coasters, sun poision and long lines. oh my.

I’m going to Six Flags Great America  on Monday. 

and you’re not.

and im d*mn excited about it.

you should probably be jealous of me right now.

My plans for the best day ev.a include, (but aren’t limited to):

  • riding the batman, and the raging bull and the log ride that gets you completly wet when you stand over the bridge afterward.
  • and maybe the superman. depending on how my day goes.
  • eating a tofurky sandwhich in the parking lot with my family.
  • spending $18 on a soda in the park 20 minutes later to get a cool cup.
  • wearing a sunscreen with an spf of AT LEAST 50 that i will rub on my scalp just to be safe because sun burn on your heard hurts when you have to use a blow dryer.   
  • having an AWESOME time.

i’m probably not going to be blogging much between now and then. (sorry about that.) but i’ll definetly be twittering (comments most likely will include things like “waiting 2.7 hours to go on the Whizzer” and “just paid $50 to park my car.”) so check my blog all weekend anyway.

and if you’re lucky i’ll be back with stories of how i went 160 mph in less than 4 seconds. you should probably be prepared to be amazed.

i know. im cool.

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