dear readers, thanks for hitting refresh a lot.

hey there. hi there. hoe there.

sorry i’ve been away.

I was having an rockin’ good time at great america (more on that trip later).

but I’m back now. and I just want to say that I’m super-de-duperly excited that i ….

(wait for it).


for those of you who don’t know, i kind of love my little section of cyberspace the way normal people love children.

I started this thing WAY back in january, and it just keeps growing. day. by day. by day.

and it makes me so happy.

and one of these days im going to figure out how to make some moo-la off this thing so i can stop answering to ‘the man.’ (feel free to pray for me on that one). (also feel free to like just randomly send me money.) but until then, i’ll just keep begging people to read it.

Since ‘the only certainty is bad grammar’ started i’ve gotten pretty damn good at naviagatng the maze that is wordpress.

i’ve done simple things like ‘learn how to create pages’ (which difer from posts becasue the are tabbed above. go ahead. look.). I’ve done hard things like ‘learn how to add twitter’ (seen here to the right.). and I’ve done cool things, like ‘learn how to add a photo to a post.’

but mostly, I’ve just worked really, really hard to become a better writer. and I love that i don’t have to worry about editors here. and that i don’t have to be scared to be as creative as i feel like being.

of course, i also love that i can ramble on about johnny deppbein vegan, and puppies.

in conclusion, i just wanted to say ‘thank everyone. for caring about what i think. and write. you guys rock!’ 

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  1. I hit 10, 000 a few days ago. Tim Russert and Johnny Depp pushed me right over…crazy from October to June…I thought about doing a gift basket for the 10,000 visiter, but it was an unknown…

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