say it with me, to-furky

hot d*mn am I excited!

so, I asked the woman behind the counter at the local health-food store what her thoughts were on Tofurky today. She told me they had a roast in the freezer, but that’s all.

“hmm,” i said. “have you ever considered carrying the tofurky lunch meat?”

and just like that, she marked down the product code from her little book, and took my phone number.

that’s right folks. I shall soon be able to buy my precious tofurky without driving an HOUR away to the closest Whole Foods.

and by soon, i mean Wednesday – or at least that’s what I’m told.

the whole thing has made me seriously consider the possibility of going vegan again.

i mean for cripe’s sake, the store ALREADY carries vegenaise.

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  1. Our plans for world domination are nearly complete.

    Have you tried the Tofurky brats? Very good as well, especially the Italian ones with spaghetti. Oh, speaking of vegan food in Chicago, have you ever been to The Chicago Diner? I hear it’s really good with lots of vegan options.

  2. Tofurky? You’re meant to start gently with Tofutti Icecream and go from there…!

    Reminds me of my Chinese friend at university whose father apparently made ‘THE BEST TOFU IN THE WORLD’.

    Eventually, after 3 years, I convinced him to bring me some.

    I tried it…

    My God, I’ve never been so underwhelmed in all my life.

    But… good luck with the vegan thing! I love vegetables and fruit, and I eat more of them than any other food group, but not so much that I want to exclude the rest 🙂

    (Not to mention cream is amazing…)

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