seriously. this holiday is better than christmas

my hat is cooler than yours.
my hat is cooler than yours.


this is pretty much my favorite holiday.

there’s fun times. family. and fireworks. (who doesn’t love fireworks? that’s right. nobody.) 
everyone is here at my aunt and uncle’s house (hi sandy! hi glen!). and in my family this is THE biggest holiday of the year.
first of all, the weather usually rocks. nobody has ever had to freaking drive to an independance day party in the middle of a blizzard. (at least not in america.) (well, maybe in alaska — im not sure how the weather works there).
second, i didn’t have to buy anybody a gift. as my friend tom loewy says “the most anyone gets asked to do on the fourth is bring a covered dish.”
third, there’s a PARADE! with free candy! before noon! what’s not to enjoy?
and fourth, you don’t even have to believe in the meaning of the holiday to celebrate it. not true with most other things. for example, if you don’t believe in jesus, christmas is kind of lame. and so is easter. HOWEVER, if you don’t believe in like AMERICA, the fourth of july still rocks. im not particularly patriotic (i even hate the president) but it’s still perfectly acceptable for me to get into the spirit of things today with a stylish red, white and blue hat. (see above).
in conclusion: you now have FOUR reasons the FOURth of july is great. 
now i need to stop wasting away the BEST day of the year blogging.
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  1. HI TOM LOEWY! I wish I was your bff cuz you seem cool.

    And CrystalSue – COME BACK. I have something for you. (That’s a bribe).

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