excuse me ma’m, but this little girl needs to use the computer now

so i think i need to get my very own laptop.

with a wireless card.

because blogging at random places sucks.

I’m currently blogging at the Byron Public Library and the countdown clock at the top of the screen is driving me crazy.

great writers should not be expected to work under these conditions.


did Hemingway have a “12-minutes-remaining” clock flash at HIM when he wrote “for whom the bell tolls”

does Steven Colbert work with a seven year old sitting next to him playing ‘bejeweled”?

did Nora Ephron have a big “TEN MINUTES REMAINING” announcement pop up when SHE wrote “when harry met sally”?” 

no. no. and NO. (at least as far as i know.)

the only reason i don’t have my very own laptop (with a wireless card) is that i don’t make any actual money in my line of work.

in conclusion: if you’d like to give to the “help-crystal-get-a-laptop-so-she-can-blog-more” fund, just e-mail me at the information listed on the contact page of this site, and i’ll be sure to dedicate an upcoming post to you in honor of your donation.

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OMG, guess what! the library computer just asked if i wanted an additional 30 minutes! yippie! now i can check my e-mail too!!


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