seriously, vegan food doesn’t suck

holy freaking crap. i just tried veganaise today and it is so d@mn good.


it’s mayo for vegans and i had it on toasted organic bread with tofurky and tomatoes. in conclusion, i was pretty much in heaven.

tofurky is so good i can eat it alone.

but add all those other things to it and i can suddenly live without sex. without chocolate. without johnny depp. without money. i can suddenly live without dairy, eggs and meat.

i had only ever tried generic brands of soy turkey and vegan mayo before and let me just say — go name-brand foods!


sometimes when i remeber im a vegan i freak out because i think about all the stuff i can’t eat (mozzarella. omelets. m&m’s. kraft cheese and macaroni. cream of broccoli soup) but then, i eat something like veganaise.

and i think ‘wow! what will they come up with next? vegan snicker’s bars?’

*sigh* if only.



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  1. Jillian

    BTW, (just started reading your blog) regular good ol’ fashioned Oreos are vegan. I KNOW! Nabisco brand and all. Just thought I’d help continue to spice up your pantry (and I love veganaise too).

  2. crystalsuelindell

    JILLIAN: you know i actually figured out the oreo thing this weekend when i really, really, really wanted junk food at a gas station.
    they’re not exactly healthy (high fructose corn syrup and all) but they’ll do in a pinch.
    thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Manda

    CRYSTAL? Why would you make us then eat vegan oreos? For the love of all things.


  4. CJ

    Oh man–
    There’s so many good things to eat besides tofuky. Bleh!

    But hey- what ever makes you happy. (I know. You don’t cook.)

  5. scvegan

    Vegenaise > Mayonnaise

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