so society really wants me to get married.

i cannot get enough of the TLC show “say yes to the dress.”

people. i am not even dating anybody.

but the lace, and the bows, and the crying. holy alterations, are people ALWAYS crying on this show.

about CLOTHES!

and sometimes i cry too. i start tearing up right along with them, their moms, their friends, and their dress specialists, as they slip on ‘the one.’

but after the crying someone along the side of the dressing room in an uncomfortable chair in front of the three-way mirrors always says “this is just such a rite of passage. she’s an adult now.”

hold up. NOW she’s an adult? now that she has officially sealed the deal with a man, she’s a woman. whereas before she was just a child. even though she’s like 32 and has a full-time job, her own car and a bank account. nope. none of THOSE things qualify her. but the wedding dress with the lace and ruffles? yep there you go. she’s all grown up now. im sorry. im just going to go ahead and say it: that’s crap.

well. at least i wish i thought it was crap.

because deep down inside, i CONSTANTLY worry about my singleness. i worry that im never going to go through that rite of passage. that i’ll never get to go to a dress shop. and try on all the lace, and the bows. and hear my friends tell me that a. the first 52 dresses sucked, and the b. i am finally an adult now.

and then. sometimes. i cry. just a little. but still.

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  1. I know the feeling pumpkin. Now just imagine what that would feel like if you were five years older than you are now. Yeah. It sucks.

    Funny, sweet post though kiddo. You excel at blogging.

  2. awww…

    Well, if things ever get desperate you could always try lowering your standards by a significant margin. I have a buddy that does that, and while he does complain about certain things such as [DELETED examples of such complaints as to not offend anyone], he does seem happier and less lonely.

  3. That show’s cool, but even COOLER is “Rock the Reception,” or whatever the title is. You get jealous of the dresses and rites of passages, I get jealous of all the dancing and drinking.

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