a round of random thoughts

1. i don’t understand why people are grossed out by vegan foods. really? that tofu dog makes you nauseous? im sorry, do you not know what goes into a REAL hot dog? that’s right. ground up rat hair. true story.

2. i love, love, love NCAA march maddness. it’s fun because people who know NOTHING about basketball can totally win the whole thing because brackets have hardly any rhyme or reason, and it’s winner take all, so if your precious Duke gets knocked out in round two and you had them going all the way, i win. i know. fun times.

3. hi brett! or should i say, miss. manners?

4. grey’s anatomy sucks now. seriously, what the heck happened to that show? the dialogue is predictable and one-note, the characters make the same stupid mistakes over, and over, and over. and for crist’s sake, are derek and meridith EVER going to get their crap together? come on. it’s been YEARS. figure it out and start having babies already.

5. i wish i was as amused by looking out with front window as my roommate’s dog is. it’s like tv for him. my understanding is that old people also are facinated by looking out windows, so maybe this an activity that will grow on me.

6. while visiting my family in byron this weekend, the news anchor told me that rockford has a 14 percent unemployment rate. that’s crazy. and sad. and crazy. seriously, i really thought obama was going to fix all this by now.

7. this site is hilarious. for journalists. “overheard in a newsroom.

8. i just realized that my vegenaise (vegan mayou) expired in Jan. i still put some on my tofurkey sandwhich last night. do you think that the lack of eggs means the expiration date is more of a suggestion?

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  1. Regarding omnis being grossed out by vegan food: I know, right? People tell me how they don’t like vegetables, and it takes much restraint to keep from grabbing them by their collars and yelling at them. “What the HELL is the matter with you!?! You don’t eat VEGETABLES?!? What are you like four years old? Stop watching Nickelodeon and EAT YOUR FLIPPIN’ VEGGIES!!!” Dude wears a tie to work for crying out loud.

  2. 1. I’m so happy you used “miss manners” in reference to Brett. Awesome! I feel so cool now.

    2. I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy a year or so ago, right after Meredith “died.” That really pissed me off, then I realized I was wasting my life watching that show anymore. And Izzy. Oh gosh. I’ve heard it’s even worse nowadays, but I’m glad to see that Denny is making something of himself (i.e. his role in Watchmen).

    3. I’m not vegan, but I just made a bowl of elbow macaroni the other night that had “expired” in February. I was like … boxed pasta has an expiration date?? But then I checked the contents, and they added egg whites for extra protein, Omega-3s, etc., as that’s all the sorts of things I buy when grocery shopping. I ate it anyway. So, I think you’ll be OK.

  3. Pssshhhh… No one’s grossed out by what goes into vegetarian foods. They’re grossed out by the taste. And taste is all that matters.

  4. Um, cooked beans actually go bad pretty fast (soy beans–>veginaise?), so that stuff will eventually go bad. That being said, I totally would have made a sandwich with it. I’m judging by all the posts you’ve written since then that you didn’t fall terribly ill. I’m happy about that.

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