sometimes i just want to brag.

Today at work, my amazing co-worker (hi Patsy!) told me i look like kim novak.

i’m pretty excited about it.

you may not know who kim novak is, but thanks to Mr. Google – I do!

AND Mrs. Google ImageSearch seems to think this novak is one pretty lady.

I’m going to go ahead and mark this whole thing in the “reasons i don’t hate all my co-workers.” “reasons i might not quit my job today.” “reasons May 9, 2008 was a good day” category.


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  1. your best observation of the latest batch:
    “Also, taco bell mild sauce is really cool because it’s totally free and you can store extra packets in the little butter drawer in your fridge if you don’t eat butter.”
    Do you know when you have made it as writer? When people quote you back to you.
    OK, so I stole that line from “When Harry Met Sally.”
    You, on the other hand, are an original.

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