sometimes true hollywood stories insprie me. true story.

aww, who am i kidding with the “sometimes.” true hollywood stories ALWAYS inspire me.

I recently had a spare two hours and guess what E! had on?


the true hollywood story of jennifer lopez.

the following is a list of things i have since convinced myself i have in common with jennifer lopez:

nicknames:you may not know this if you didn’t see the e! true hollywood story on her like it did, but some people call her JLo. this is something i have in common with her because one time someone called me Lindell. I tried to correct that person and make them say CLi. but it didn’t work. I’m going to count as a commonality with jennifer regardless.

male suitors: She is on her third marriage. Along the way she dated a bazillion guys. I too have have dated a bazillion guys. No. Really. I have.

dresses: She once wore a dress that got her a lot of attention (it was green). this makes me like her because i once wore a green dress too. It was for easter.

marriages:When she was 24 she wasn’t married yet. I’m 24 and i’m not married yet.

acting roles: She stars in movies. me? well, I was totally in the Jane Adams Junior High School Musical when i was 13. i had lines and everything.

rejection: the first time she tried out to be fly girl for “In Living Color” she didn’t make it. Then she made it the second time. This is something i have in common with her because the first time i tried out for graduate school i didn’t get in. but then a month later i got in.

singing: She’s a good singer. I’m sing in my car when I’m alone and nobody tells me to stop.

hair color: She always changes her hair color. i TOO always change my hair color.

That concludes the list of things I have in common with Jennifer Lopez. (for now). I’m pretty confident that this all means I’m going to be rich and famous like Jennifer Lopez soon. if you want my autograph before the rush starts, just go ahead and send me a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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  1. this reminds me of my young, foolish days (circa 2002) when i used to sing along to “jenny from the block” but insert “lara from the lake.” (i lived on lake winnebago at the time.)

    ah, fun, semi-embarrassing memories 🙂
    (don’t be fooled by the rocks that i got!)

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