random list of thoughts, because im too tired to think in paragraph

· I’ve totally become an NPR addict. I’m not sure if this makes me cool or old.

· I’m so done with people thinking something must be wrong with me if im single. maybe something’s wrong with all the guys i meet. gawd.

· i bought a super cute black shirt for work from target. i liked it so much that i went back yesterday and bought it in purple.

· i also bought it in blue.

· holy freaking crap cheese is GOOD! have you guys tried this stuff? i mean, it’s seriously delicious. it’s kind of like heaven, but yellow.

· i pray every night.

· mostly for lower gas prices.

· don’t get me wrong, I give a shout out for world peace too.

· having a tuesday off makes me feel like im ditching class tomorrow. love it.

· i want to be ana marie cox when i grow up.

· when im rich im totally buying hair extensions.

· im pretty excited about my redesinged blog. the rain drops make me smile. 

· do you think anyone makes anything i could use as a shoe rack in my car? because piling them up on the passenger seat isn’t really working for me. (i leave all my heels in the car and switch back and forth with my flips during the day, if you’re wondering why i have a closet in my escourt).

· my roommate did my laundry yesterday and i gave her an extra month of rent no questions asked. ok. seriously folks, if you want to marry me, just do my laundry.

· and give me cheese.

· Im pretty sad that Bernie Mac died. I hadn’t even gotten over Heath Ledger’s death yet.  

· im totally going to get a banana split after i write this.

· or maybe something with a hot brownie. mmmm. brownies.

· im turning 25 in 14 days. im not sure if that makes me cool or old.

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