Things I’ve learned from stupid snow

1. If the whole world tells you that a massive blizzard is coming and it’s going to kills us all, just leave work early and get home because you don’t want to be driving in that crap. Likewise, if the whole world tells you that whatever you’re doing is going to end with horrible consequences, stop.

2. Fill up your gas tank before you head out. Likewise, eat breakfast.

3. People will actually help you dig your car out when it’s buried under a six foot snow drift and they won’t even complain about it. Likewise, a lot of people are mostly good.

4. Working from home is awesome. Likewise, working from home is awesome.

5. Dust pans break when you try to use them as shovels. Likewise, all of us have our breaking points.

6. It’s easy to fall when it’s slippery outside, so I shouldn’t run into stores, movie theaters, restaurants or pretty much anywhere, ever. Also, I should be careful when I walk. Likewise, it’s important not to be too cocky.

7. Cabin fever is real. Likewise, shopping can solves all the world’s problems.

8.  Everything is pretty when it’s covered up by a coat of beautiful, white awesomeness. Likewise, where* wear clothes that don’t show your bum crack.

9. Cloth gloves may seem like they’re totally worthless, but if the alternative is no gloves then they are the best thing ever. Likewise, sometimes your second least favorite thing/person isn’t really that bad.

10. I still hate snow. Likewise, I still hate snow.

*Thanks Aunt Sandy 🙂

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