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kind of like a murder, but of a blog

i officially deleted my anonymous journalism blog today.

all but two of you probably didn’t even know i had this site (see: webster, anonymous) but it’s kind of a moot point, seeing as how it’s now been deleted. that’s right. gone. forever. into the dark abyss. or heaven. or into the earth. (im not actually sure where blogs go when they die).


i started it back when i was working in oshkosh as a way to vent because holy pencils, did that place suck. (i can say that right? that it sucked. hmm? i don’t remember any confidentiality agreements). i only kept it up to date for about three minutes though because it’s pretty freaking hard to manage two blogs.

and i’ve let it sit silent for the past six months (ish). so today, out of the kindness of my heart and because wordpress kept yelling at me to EITHER DELETE THE BLOG OR PUT UP A NEW POST ALREADY!! i exported all the files onto my desktop and clicked “delete blog.”

maybe it’s a metaphor for what i subconsciously know i need to do to journalism. or maybe it’s just another thing on my saturday to-do list. either way, it’s gone forever. (so I’m told by wordpress).

the whole thing was a warm-up for my next goal: to delete the site where this blog used to be. but i feel much, much sadder about that possibility.

it’s weird to think that my original home on cybersype could be killed so easily. with a just a few confirmation clicks everything could wipped out.

that one might take me a little longer to actually do.

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i don’t have children, so instead we shall all wish my blog a happy brithday

i have about 12 minutes left before my blog’s birthday officially ends, but people, i had to work all freaking day. what do you want from me?

so here it is. it’s been one year since my first post. and i have to say, i really have grown to love this thing like a person. i think about it all day with a loving smile, and wonder what i’ll get to do to it next when i get back to my precious laptop and search “wordpress plugins” in an effort to track down amazing new features. i buy it gifts, like business cards and its own url. i even find myself reading it like i don’t write the posts.

and sometimes, when i start to forget how wonderful the interweb and mr. wordpress are, magic steps in to remind me. like today, when two of my co-workers were all “your blog is hilarious. i even read one of the entries out loud to my friends” and i was all “really? im funny? well, that’s always been my goal, but i secretly worry that im failing everytime i write a post.”

to all my readers, thank you.

to all my readers who tell their friends and family to read me, super duper thank you

and to all the people who send me spam, fudge off.

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re: comments

ok. ok. ok. I KNOW. I pretty much NEVER reply to comments left on my site. I’m sorry. I’m a bad person. The thing is, I LOVE reading the comments. And I usually get so excited when I get a comment that i tell anyone who’s with me about it. I just never take the time to reply to them.

the worst part is, when I leave a comment on someone else’s site, I click on it about 150 times waiting to see if the blog author will acknowledge my existence. and when they do! holy! mollee! Do I get ex.ci.ted.

so I’d like to take this opportunity to say: I’m going to make more of an effort. Actually, since I’m mentioning it, that should be new year’s resolution. ya. THAT will be my new year’s resolution. I pledge to respond more often in the comment section of this blog.

Also, I’d like to formally apologize for not transferring over my blogroll from my old site. It just seems like such a tedious process, and I haven’t had the patience to do it. However, I am now officially making this part b of my new year’s resolution. so yes, by this time next year (at the latest), I will have a full blog roll again.

cross my heart and pinky swear.

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