i don’t have children, so instead we shall all wish my blog a happy brithday

i have about 12 minutes left before my blog’s birthday officially ends, but people, i had to work all freaking day. what do you want from me?

so here it is. it’s been one year since my first post. and i have to say, i really have grown to love this thing like a person. i think about it all day with a loving smile, and wonder what i’ll get to do to it next when i get back to my precious laptop and search “wordpress plugins” in an effort to track down amazing new features. i buy it gifts, like business cards and its own url. i even find myself reading it like i don’t write the posts.

and sometimes, when i start to forget how wonderful the interweb and mr. wordpress are, magic steps in to remind me. like today, when two of my co-workers were all “your blog is hilarious. i even read one of the entries out loud to my friends” and i was all “really? im funny? well, that’s always been my goal, but i secretly worry that im failing everytime i write a post.”

to all my readers, thank you.

to all my readers who tell their friends and family to read me, super duper thank you

and to all the people who send me spam, fudge off.

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  2. Happy Birthday blog! Belated, I suppose, which normally shouldn’t matter since we aren’t really referring to a person, but it does mark when comments are posted. So, yeah, it knows.

  3. to all you non-binary code readers out there, im told the multiple 0s and 1s are happy birthday in binary code.
    for all i know it’s actually “you’re a dork” over, and over. but we’ll go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

  4. I told you magic is a real thing that really works. Magic is what keeps fish from drowning and makes cotton candy a sweet, cotton candy-like substance. Magic is what makes soybeans into soymilk and even more magic turns that soymilk into chocolate soymilk. yum.

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