missing, missing cheese

Here i am, about two/three months post-vegan and I’m wondering if I made a mistake going back to cheese pizza.

seeing as how I LOVE the stuff, I thought I was oh-so-obviously making the right decision to switch from being to vegan to being a plain old regular vegetarian last summer.

but I think I’ve gained a pretty solid 10 pounds. And I do not, under any circumstances, want to have time to work out. i don’t want to waste my precious sleep time on a treadmill. plus winter is coming so all my stupid work out options are indoor. and also, i do not want to waste ANY of my precious money on a stupid gym membership.

but then i remember that i LOVE dairy and i think that being vegan to control my weight would suck.

so what’s a girl to do?

The other problem is that when i was vegan I kind of lived on tofurky, veganmayo and tomato sandwiches. and as far as I can tell the closest store to my house that sells tofurky is about 45 minutes away. granted that’s close by chicagoland standards. but i just don’t want to drive that far every time in i have need a tofurky fix.

Also, back when I was a crazy vegan, everyone thought i was. well. crazy. they would always talk about what a fool i was for avoiding dairy. and that kind of thing can get under your skin after about 573(ish) people say to your face “you’re an idiot.”


if only there was a magical pill i could take so I could always weigh ten pounds less that whatever I currently weigh at any given moment. then, and only then, would I be happy.

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