hecks ya!! I finally got a freaking laptop

a picture OF my blog ON my blog.
a picture OF my blog ON my blog.

so last night i forced myself off my couch, away from the Steelers game to the local meijer to get some groceries.

and then i was all “hmm, i shall wonder over to the electronic section to see what this store offers as far as laptops are concerned”

and there she was. a shiny new compaq laptop marked down from $550 to $400. i’ve been shopping the lay of the laptop land long enough to know that was a pretty freaking good deal. AND it had: 2 gb of ram, vista and a dvd burner.


it was my laptop soulmate.

after about 4 minutes of consideration and a quick call to my mom, i bought her. and YES i now have about $20 in spending money to last through the next month or so, but who cares?! i mean, HOLY CRAP DO I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!

what does this mean for you, the reader? well for starters, lots more posting and possibly a resurrection of the daily photo.

and for those of you out there having a heart attack because i didn’t get a freaking apple (which would have been about 32 times more expensive), i have two things to say to you. 1. i make monopoly money at that job of mine. 2. i didn’t see YOU donating anything to my laptop fund.

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