hecks ya!! I finally got a freaking laptop

a picture OF my blog ON my blog.
a picture OF my blog ON my blog.

so last night i forced myself off my couch, away from the Steelers game to the local meijer to get some groceries.

and then i was all “hmm, i shall wonder over to the electronic section to see what this store offers as far as laptops are concerned”

and there she was. a shiny new compaq laptop marked down from $550 to $400. i’ve been shopping the lay of the laptop land long enough to know that was a pretty freaking good deal. AND it had: 2 gb of ram, vista and a dvd burner.


it was my laptop soulmate.

after about 4 minutes of consideration and a quick call to my mom, i bought her. and YES i now have about $20 in spending money to last through the next month or so, but who cares?! i mean, HOLY CRAP DO I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!

what does this mean for you, the reader? well for starters, lots more posting and possibly a resurrection of the daily photo.

and for those of you out there having a heart attack because i didn’t get a freaking apple (which would have been about 32 times more expensive), i have two things to say to you. 1. i make monopoly money at that job of mine. 2. i didn’t see YOU donating anything to my laptop fund.

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  1. that’s cool congratulations, hopefully if things work out you won’t need more than 20 bucks for spending money. ha

  2. Neat LAPTOP! There will always be room for someone who can put words down on paper or some type of “paper” substitute such as a digital medium. Keep looking for the place where you fit in. We still get two daily papers at our house and read both of them. But we could get all of our “news” on-line. I would miss the comics. Sorry. But that is what I would miss the most without a daily. I’ve been a comic reader since 1950 (age 8). And some of the same story arcs are still running!!!

  3. OMG, not an Apple, gasp! It’s ok, trust me, I know they’re expensive, but your a smart girl, you’ll come around to the bright side soon enough. 😉

  4. Apple — Shmapple, congrats on your new instrument of internet independence.

    Huh, you know as I re-read what I just wrote I realize that is a bit confusing. “Internet independence”. Sounds like I am saying that you will be granted independence from the internet. As if to imply that you are a slave to the net. I meant to say that you will be able to USE the net anytime, away from your work computer. Yes, that is what I mean. Not that you are being oppressed by the evil Lord Internet. That’s just silly; preposterous. Or is it?

    Aren’t we all slaves to the net? Can any of us really imagine what we would do without the internet as a part of out lives? Ok, maybe our grandparents can live without the net but grandparents don’t count. My grandparents still call their refrigerator an “ice-box”. An ICE-BOX!?! Way back when, they kept their food cold with a insulated cabinet housing a large block of ice. Can you believe that? A block of flippin’ ICE. You think they had vegetable crisper drawers? Hell no they didn’t have no freaking crisper drawers. THEY ATE COLD AND WILTED VEGETABLES!!!

    Don’t you try to tell me that you can live without the net just because the insanely old can do it. The oldies are crazy. CRAZY! My grandma once told me that she flunked her driving test because she didn’t use hand signals. Seriously? SERIOUSLY! Her car was so new that it was the only car in the world that had electronic turn signals and the DMV (or DMV-rock as it was called Flintstone land) didn’t know how to test for something so radical. No, they would just wait for their milk to be delivered by some weirdo milk delivery guy followed by another delivery guy who brings huge blocks of ice so the milk doesn’t spoil and turn into yogurt. Dude, a car with blinkers may as well have been a spaceship.

    And yeah, I know that babies also manage just fine without internet. Let me tell you something about babies; babies sit in their own poop. In some countries, they sit in everyone’s poop. Even the family cow poops on babies in parts of the world. Also, babies do not feed themselves so basically without their parents all babies would probably be hungry and covered in poop. How do you think parents even get instructions on how to clean and feed babies? You think they ask the baby department at Macy’s to send an instruction manual with their milk delivery? Hell to the no, they use google and wikipedia like good parents; no — like ALL good parents should. My parents didn’t have wikipedia and now they have a whole photo album of me, as a baby, with no cloths on. Granted I was clean and not covered in feces but that’s only because my mom is a genius. How many geniuses are really out there raising kids? Do you know? I do! SEVEN! Including Stephen Hawking and Angelina Jolie.

    So, now there is everyone in between. The rest of us chained for life to Lord Internet and the evil imperial information super highway. Yes, the internet has me; the internet has ALL OF US in its evil grasp but I ask you; does that tight squeeze not make you feel safe? I may not be free but if freedom means a life without Youtube, Facebook, blogs, Photobucket, woot.com and those neat IQ tests that pop up every time I try to watch pirated tv shows on that Chinese video site then THAT is no life worth living.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is; you are probably going to hang out at more places that have free wifi because that is probably one of the more awesome perks to owning your own laptop.

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