Why the Bears must fire Lovie

Lovie has already decided that he’s going to lose his coaching job after this season.

He’s even accepted it, so he doesn’t care.

And because Smith doesn’t care, none of the players care.

The man doesn’t make decisions like his life depends on it. Doesn’t go for three more points at the end of the half, or any points on any possession. And he throws away timeouts as though they’re as disposable as a real evergreen tree on Dec. 26. Smith  just doesn’t believe he can win the game or his job.

Worst of all though, he doesn’t coach till the end.

More the third quarter.

That used to be one of my favorite things about the Bears – down to the very last second they always had a shot. Not this year. This year, Lovie’s gung ho (ish) for the first half and kinda alive in the third quarter, but after that he just chillaxes on the sidelines (probably planning out what to order on his Lou Malnati’s deep dish).

If the team isn’t up by two touchdowns in the last 3 minutes of the game I just put an L in the win/lose column because I know they won’t pull it off.

It’s the same as when a kid doesn’t bother studying for an English final because there’s no way to get a passing grade. Or a husband who’s dead set on divorce, so counseling becomes a waste. Or a woman who’s already visualized herself wearing the $850 shoes with every outfit in her closet so there’s no way she’ll be able to leave them on the shelf and pay her rent instead.

Lovie Smith has given up on himself.

Now it’s time for Chicago to give up on Lovie.

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