Indiana Jones: Movie 4 review

In a nutshell: eh.

In depth: eh. it was ohhhh-kay i guess.

ya i like harrison ford. ya i like special effects. ya i liked that MY name was in the title  (“the kingdom of the CRYSTAL skull.” fun times. don’t be jealous. my name is just cooler than yours.) and ya, i like all the inside jokes that you would only get if you had watched 1,2 and 3 (see: “I hate snakes”)

but i think my expectations were too high on this one. and to be fair i had just seen Sex and City the week before so it had a lot of live up to.

I guess i would say go see it, but only during a matinee. and with a student discount.

i do recommend the overall theater experience though because people flying through jungles on vines just looks so much, umm, cooler on a ginormus screen. with surround sound. and the smell of pop corn.

do any of you guys see it? thoughts?

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