Indiana Jones: Movie 4 review

In a nutshell: eh.

In depth: eh. it was ohhhh-kay i guess.

ya i like harrison ford. ya i like special effects. ya i liked that MY name was in the title  (“the kingdom of the CRYSTAL skull.” fun times. don’t be jealous. my name is just cooler than yours.) and ya, i like all the inside jokes that you would only get if you had watched 1,2 and 3 (see: “I hate snakes”)

but i think my expectations were too high on this one. and to be fair i had just seen Sex and City the week before so it had a lot of live up to.

I guess i would say go see it, but only during a matinee. and with a student discount.

i do recommend the overall theater experience though because people flying through jungles on vines just looks so much, umm, cooler on a ginormus screen. with surround sound. and the smell of pop corn.

do any of you guys see it? thoughts?

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  1. We saw it and liked it. We went to see how H. Ford has held up over time. There were silly parts, but all of the Indiana Jones movies were silly. They certainly could not have played it straight. The scene from the Atomic village was right out of our memory. Don’t remember lead lined refrigerators though.

  2. Usually I agree with you. Sometimes anyway. Well, occasionally. But you are mistaken in this case. I thought it was great. The kept all the cheesy fight scenes, inside jokes, even the old “map special effect” from the first 3 movies. They also did a great job of playing off Harrison Ford’s age. Sex in the City better than Indiana Jones? Pshhh. I am disappointed in you.

    3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – ($253 million)
    4. Sex and the City – ($99.2 million)

    Indiana Jones wins. Therefore, its obviously a superior film in every way. :-p

  3. Well, I thought it was all right. Entertaining, anyways. But I haven’t seen any of the three previous movies, so I had no real expectations. It was good for an afternoon with friends with nothing better to do.

    However, a friend of mine, who was really excited to see it since he’s been an Indiana Jones fan all his life, hated it.

    I mean, really, really, really didn’t like it at all.

    He blames George Lucas’ interference.

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