TV junk food

Wow. It’s been a hot minute since my last entry, huh?

Vacation days will do that to a girl.

So will reliance on a sporadic internet connection.

I let my sister and niece lure me into their “Christmas break mode” and we spent all day yesterday watching “True Life” and “World’s Strictest Parents” on MTV, while also flipping over to “Top 40 videos of 2009” on VH1.

Aside from learning that Michael Franti is WAY to old for me, I also realized that MTV documentaries are like crack. Have you ever watched these things? They’re so gritty. My favorite part is how they show people’s lives as is – mismatched furniture, dirty laundry, an old 92′ van filled with random kid crap and fast-food wrappers.

Love it.

And the World’s Strictest Parents totally transformed this one kid’s life in a week.


That’s amazing. All they had to do was make him sleep on the floor and do ranch-related chores like feed the pigs. Oh! And on True Life, two 20-something girls were supporting their entire families. Yes, they had obvious co-dependency issues and they pushed guys away with pitchfork-like conversations about their problems, but I still felt bad for them.

I still want to find out how they’re doing now.

Now, I’m watching “The Hangover.” It’s pretty much the opposite of a gritty documentary, but it still fits nicely with the whole “Christmas break mode.” So excuse while I find out what happened to that one man’s tooth and why there’s a baby in the closet.

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