Happy public enemies eve / I still love Johnny Depp

I totally took this!
I totally took this!

Remember when I TOOK THIS PICTURE?!

I DO!!

It was actually a couple days after Johnny Depp touched my hand.

and now the photo lives on forever in a pretty black frame that i forced my roommate to allow me to place on top of the TV and then i pretend to watch TV but really i just look at the picture.

true story.

anywho, i took it in oshkosh, wi when mr. depp was filming “Public Enemies” like down the freaking block from where I was working.

best week eva.

and this Tuesday at mid-night the movie officially comes out!

actually “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

there. now do you understand how excited i am?

le sigh.

i love him.

of course im planning on the mid-night showing. duh.

and even if the movie totally sucks and is super predictable and has commercials for beef in it, i promise you i will still LOVE IT!

because me and mr. depp? we’re soul mates. and it’s only a matter of time before he figures it out people.

only a matter of time.

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looking for doves in all the wrong places

so basically my life sucked last night.

although i was in good company (hi mandy!) my poor little city became a lake.

there was this rain storm from heck and the world kinda, sorta almost ended (ish). 

i’ll have more stories on everything later (including but not limited to: “the time i almost ate cheese because i really, really, really wanted to,” “the time i slept in mandy’s pjs. on her couch.” and “starting a car after a flood: what not to do.”) but to satisfy your appetite for gawking at poor oshkoshians here’s a link to a flood photo gallery mandy and i took on our way to work.

isn’t that crazy? 

p.s. if you’re an oshkosh news junkie you also should visit the Northwestern’s web site by clicking here. we’ve got this flood seriously covered. im talking stories, video, pictures and more! have fun. and stay tuned for my own personal updates.  

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now back to your regularlly scheduled programming

ok, ok, so maybe this has kind of become vegan-Johnny-Depp blog.


but i don’t really care.

because its my blog. 😛

(yes, that IS me sticking my tongue out at you).

i do, however, want to let you guys know that since mr. depp has left my couch oshkosh, i plan to write about other stuff now.

like the weather.

and stuff.

should be fun times.

and don’t worry, i’ll still write my fair share about bein’ vegan and mr. depp.

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