the end of a bad relationship

well i guess that’s over.

him with his “i see your selfish and only care about what u want. Ur not ready for kids and i honestly don’t know if your ready 4 a relationship.  don’t worry. i won’t be bothering you anymore. i wish you nothing but the best. your a great person and i have been fortunate to know you. bye” two-part text message.

me with my “wow.” reply.

and there you have it. i’ve known him since i was 16.

that’s like a decade. that’s back before i knew i was a journalist. and before i knew i was a vegetarian. before i even had a driver’s license. before i was me.

but over jumbo slices of pizza and small sodas this afternoon, we knew. both of us knew. us trying to keep at this on-again, off-again thing was not even worth the pleasantries anymore.

so we’ve moved on.

and it’s over.

i was sad for about three seconds.

but im good now.

seriously. so. good.

i think.

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