the end of a bad relationship

well i guess that’s over.

him with his “i see your selfish and only care about what u want. Ur not ready for kids and i honestly don’t know if your ready 4 a relationship.  don’t worry. i won’t be bothering you anymore. i wish you nothing but the best. your a great person and i have been fortunate to know you. bye” two-part text message.

me with my “wow.” reply.

and there you have it. i’ve known him since i was 16.

that’s like a decade. that’s back before i knew i was a journalist. and before i knew i was a vegetarian. before i even had a driver’s license. before i was me.

but over jumbo slices of pizza and small sodas this afternoon, we knew. both of us knew. us trying to keep at this on-again, off-again thing was not even worth the pleasantries anymore.

so we’ve moved on.

and it’s over.

i was sad for about three seconds.

but im good now.

seriously. so. good.

i think.

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  1. A while back I went out for drinks with an old friend at a wine bar. At some point I realized that the only things we had in common was our past and the bottle of wine between us. It’s strange how that happens.

  2. What’s with the whole breaking up via non-auditory means these days? It used to be a telephone call was in bad form. Now even that’s too much trouble. Man, oh man …

  3. ^ I think it’s classier to just stop returning phone calls and change your facebook status to “single”. They’ll figure it out eventually. Back in the MySpace days, replacing their spot in your top friends with Tom was also a smooth move. You know, Tom he’s that guy…

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