maybe a real drug addiction would help

so there i am enjoying my happy little life in my new AMAZING apartment yesterday, when i start getting depressed. 

and i can’t put my finger on why, except to say that i feel like i actually MISS my long-a$$ commute, and i wish i was more tired. and that maybe i should try to apply for a wal-mart manager job because heck ya, im a people person. 

i grab my favorite weakness (a coke) and almost put the effort into crying. 

but then, my friend the writer calls and after i sigh about 16 times he’s all, “omg, you’re addicted to stress.” 

except he didn’t actually say “omg,” because he would NEVER talk like that in a million years. 

he’s a writer people. 

anyway, i realize that i am, in fact, crazy. 

and i only feel like a valid person when im exhausted.

and that’s why (close your eyes mom) i like being hungover on saturday’s some time. not ALL the time. im not a d*mn alcoholic people. i just like feeling validated for sleeping all day. and a hangover kinda forces that on you.

and after i discovered my addiction, i took a hot bath. 

because i was so stressed out about it. 



i need help.

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