ok. so seriously, what the crap is up with super scary movies being advertised on my freaking TV?

right in the middle of a freaking Scrubs rerun on WGN?

(im going to link to the preview here, but seriously, do not watch it unless you want to be SCARED out of your mind).

The commercial clearly shows a young 20-something couple getting TERROR.IZED. by random people wearing scary masks.

I held my hands over my eyes during the ad, but i think there was even a section of the commercial where the victim says something like ‘why are you doing this to us?’ and the apparent murderer responds with ‘because you were home.’

umm, how freaking scary is that?

great. now i get to imagine random people in masks killing me tonight. and when i wonder why, i’ll just think ‘oh, it must have been because i was home, duh.’

umm, i’ll have you people know that it took me WEEKS to get up the courage to watch “from hell” and “the legend of sleepy hollow” because the dvd covers were mostly black and i therefore assumed they were scary (they weren’t). and both THOSE movies have JOHNNY DEPP in them. (who i love, in case you forgot.) so why the heck would any one, any where think i would want to see a preview for “The Strangers” on my safe little TV in my safe little bedroom during a safe little episode of scrubs?

These scary movie previews are ruining america. people like ME are losing precious sleep over these stupid previews and then when im cranky tomorrow, nobody will even CARE that im too scared to turn off my lights.





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