a me day

usually when i have a day off work, i pack it with family time, friend time, church time, six flags or all of the above.

but today, oh glorious today! everyone in my life was busy, so i did stuff for me. and it was nice.

i walked an extra mile around the path near my house i love so much. and i changed up my walking playlist on my crackberry to include Razzel Dazzel and Gold Digger.

i ate plain watermelon for breakfast,  i didn’t blow dry my hair after my shower, and i did my laundry.

also, i organized my closet. something i haven’t actually done since i moved in.

for a before image in your head, picture: clothes, shopping bags, random pieces of paper and footie nylons.

for after see here:


look at all the pretty shoes on the top shelf and the pretty folded clothes on the bottom. so nice.

i know, this will never last because it makes no logical sense to have a t-shirt pile that i have to flip through to get at the one in the middle because we all know im too lazy to ever keep that straight.

but i don’t have a dresser (see: journalist, salary), so this is the best i can do.

and for now im loving laying on my bed staring at the beautiful organization of it all.

up next: clean out my car.

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