i stress myself out. (and other people add to it)

hot d*mn it’s been a long week. sorry I’ve been away.

first things first, i got a new job. (!!!!!!!) here.

I start July 15. and im pretty d*mn excited about it.  

(wish we luck.)

as a result of this news, i had to kinda quit my other job.

that didn’t go so well — let’s just say they were super, umm, “sad” to see me go.

(for details on that seriously CRAZY story, feel free to get in touch with me one-on-one). 

and now i have to figure out where i’m going to live in chicagoland.

im thinking of mooching off crashing withpaying rent to my bff. but her house is like an hour from my new job, so I’m not quit sure yet.  

and of course, there’s always the possibility of living my mom. (hi mom!). but she’s also an hour from my new job.

also, i had to break my lease. (never fun). (anyone looking for a reasonably priced two-bedroom in Oshkosh? there’s a fireplace. and a washer and dryer.)

also, i stressed myself out so bad while deciding whether or not to take the new job that i didn’t get any sleep last week and ended up getting super sick. with a fever and everything. as a result saturday was given over to the nyquil gods.

also, last night, while i was trying to eat some ricecream (like ice cream but for vegans) i somehow slammed my hand between the freezer door and the fridge door.

that sucked. and now my pinky hurts.

also, my south dakota plates expire, umm, tomorrow. but im supa broke so i can’t afford new ones, and even if i could the local dmv is closed today, so ive convinced myself that my car probably will  be towed from my apartment complex parking lot the minute the clock strikes 12:01a .m.

and then i won’t have enough money to get my car out until July 11, and then they will charge me by the day and my life will totally suck.

(just another rational crystal fear).

also, i need an oil change and possibly new spark plugs.

also, my new job is doing a background check on me and im irrationally worried that i committed a crime im unaware of.

also, im running out of time on my ‘daily computer seesion’ clock at the library. so i have to get offline soon.

and now you’re ALL caught up on my crazy life.

I’ll blog again as soon as i can, but until then, check my twitter for clever one-linters that i can convinently update from my cell phone.

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  1. Congratulations on the new job. Did you put in two-weeks notice or was it a sudden and messy breakup? Should I make a mix-tape of cool break-up songs? Not actually a tape, obviously because this isn’t 1989 but you get the idea.

  2. Dear CrystalSue,

    I’ve reconsidered and decided that you are not leaving Oshkosh. So I’m sorry that you have a new job lined up and all, but you’re just going to have to figure something else out. Maybe your old job will let you stay, or something. Or, you can become my dog walker or something.

    Let me know what you get figured out.


  3. Good luck! It’s good to keep of track of you here. Wonderful opportunities await you in Chicagoland.

  4. Sad to see you go Crystal. I probably won’t talk to another vegitarian or vegan for another 5 years. Stay green wherever you end up.

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