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so, for those of you who actually see me regularly, you may have noticed that i dyed my hair.

dark brown.

and yes, it has faded since.

but it’s still much browner.

(id post a picture, but i don’t feel like it).

anyway, in the spirit of dying my hair, and ending veganism, and moving to chicagoland, i’ve decided to also change my blog.

i just could not STAND the sight of that stupid white flower any longer.

so bare with me.

while i change my life.


UPDATE: im just messing around with the image header now, but I’m pretty sure im sticking with this theme.


UPDATE: i got the above picture from this site. (there. i officially linked to them).

my new goal is to get my own host soon and then have a much cooler design.

until then, enjoy the rain.

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