Those days

You know those days when you want to cry so much that you’re literally screaming at God, and then you feel yourself becoming unable to breathe and you feel your body start to fall over, and then your friend Lynn calls and saves you?

Those days when you go to her house, and she breathes for you so you can catch up, and she lets you cry for hours and hours and hours, and she doesn’t even mention the fact that your eyes looks like puffy pieces of red swollen awfulness? And she makes you quiche and brownies, and just hugs you over and over and over again?

Those days  when you cry so much that you finally have to stop because all the tears ever made have been used, and so you fall asleep and rest for 12 straight hours. And then you wake up and you still hurt and you still feel despair, but for a second, you wake up and you almost feel a little morsel of peace? And that little morsel is just enough to remind you that one day, someday, you might feel that all the time again?

You know those days? Ya. Me too.

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