Today didn’t suck (but there’s still like 3 hours left…)

Maybe my friend on Facebook was right this week when he was all “usually manic Mondays make for easy breezy Fridays” (or something like that).

Things have calmed way down at work, we did Christina Aguilera’s Candyman in Jazzercise today (one of my all-time favorite songs, which I played on repeat for 37 days straight when it came out), AND, I just had a seven-layer burrito (see: url).

Oh, and I got a new watch.

Just went ahead and splurged $13 of my hard earned moo-la (er, actually, my mom’s hard-earned moo-la. We all know I have no moo-la) on a lovely little silver watch, with pink gems around the edges.

Sure, sure, it annoys the crap out me and my wrist, and it’s really big on me because it’s a $13 watch, so I don’t know how to adjust the size, and I usually just end up taking it off and laying on my desk while I work  – but GUYS, it’s so pretty.

It makes me feel like an old-fashioned grown-up from the days before clocks were on all our portable phone devices and people constantly looked at their wrist to indicate that a conversation was taking longer than it should.

Polite, yet totally to the point. Yay!

And, tomorrow, I’m slated to have lunch with one of my bestest friends (who’ll even be vegetarian for the day for Lent!) and I’m also supposed get out of work at reasonable hour (note: the preceding sentence just jixed any chance of me getting out of work at a reasonable hour). Plus! It’s pay day!

I have a good feeling about Friday, Feb. 26. I really do.

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  1. i should start wearing a watch again. they’re classy and really the only acceptable piece of jewelry a man can wear. well, that and a wedding ring but only for married guys. But, anyway i don;t like wearing watches because they leave tan lines on my wrist and that looks funny. plus it’s like i always have something on my wrist. you know, because i do. But, watches are still cool. Chuck wears a watch. Do you watch that show Chuck? Mondays at 9pst on NBC? Chuck is cool, i want to be like Chuck and wear a watch. so, i guess i’m in the market for a watch.

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