Traffic diaries

To: Man who was driving a motorcycle on Route 31 yesterday

Re: When I cut you off.

Dear sir,

I’m sorry. All right. I swear on all things drivable that I did not see you when I made that right into your lane on Route 31 last night. I promise that I always do my very best to be super extra careful around motorcycles whenever I see them because I’ve written articles about how very easy it is to kill someone driving down the road on two little wheels.

I always let them pass me, I make sure I’m aware of where they are, and I never turn in front of them. (Except yesterday, of course, but like I said, that was an accident).

So ya, I’m really, really sorry. And I just wanted to explain that there’s a hill on that part of the road or something and THAT’s why I didn’t see you. But don’t worry, when you flicked me off for a full 30 seconds while trying to kill me with your eyes, I saw that.

I did.

And I wanted so bad to get out of the car and explain that I was not in fact trying to kill your or anything, I just honest to goodness didn’t see you. I swear.

Also, you should think about wearing a helmet. Just sayin.’



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