under there. under where? ha.

I just realized that I’ve been wearing my underwear inside out all day. So, ya, umm, yay I guess.

That’s how freaking busy I am. I can’t event take the time to check the tag on my underwear.

Or to blog.


I’m so sorry I’ve been away. I miss you like crazy.

*tap. tap tap tap. Is this thing still on?*

You haven’t left me yet, have you? I’m still here. I’m just spending all my free time these days driving to places, from places and sitting in dead stop traffic on Route 59.

(Thank you God for NPR).

It’s stressing me out man. Seriously. I have horrid fears that I will ram into a semi and die at any given moment and in the process get a ticket and then arrested.

Or that I will fall asleep mid-trip.

Actually, that already happens. Ish.

Just kidding.

(Or am I?)

Basically I get by with a little help from Starbucks. That company puts crack and meth in their coffee though I think because it’s more addicting that sleep.

And more expensive than crack and/or meth.

I love it.

Of course, it only give me fake awake. It’s like the generic brand of not being alseep. You’re awake and all, but not really. In your head you’re dreaming about sleeping.

And you do stupid things. Say stupid sentences. And,  make stupid mistakes. 

Like put your underwear on inside out.

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  1. I’ve done the inside out thing, but wait until you discover that you have two pair on. Apparently I started dressing two times in the morning and was not even aware of that.

    Next it will be two different shoes. Both black but one heel higher than the other.

  2. I hated my 80-minute (each way, thank you for stealing darn near three hours of my day, world) commute to the Herald at first, but eventually it grew on me. Like a tumor.

  3. Wait, Starbucks puts crack AND meth in their coffee?! And to think all of this time i have been adding it myself after i get my cup. this would explain some of my behavior.

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