wait. am i shopko’s target market?

today i had to go to shopko’s optical center (they take my vision insurance) to get some paper work straighted out.

and then i started walking around the store.

and it was SO randomly nice.

it wasn’t crowded (even though it’s saturday). the prices were reasonable (i got a portable radio on clearance for $7.50!) and they had a wide selection (they have a Pay-Less shoe section as well as their own, which includes Nike products — like the bag i bought).

i used to wonder who the target market for shoko was. i mean they’re not as cheap as wal-mart. they’re not as high-end as Target and they’re not as small as wal-greens.

but i think i just figured out who they want to shop there.


im not sure how i feel about it yet. but if you’re looking for a good deal on bras (they’re 40 percent off this weekend!) id recommend you stop by your local shopko.

just sayin’. (to be fair, i totally stole that phrase from my friend erin. (proof can be found at the end of this post) she’ pregnant AND she’s my friend. and she’s witty — so i stole her phrase. im shameless)

UPDATE: woah, i just looked shopko up on wikipedia and it states that the chain is based out of wisconsin. umm. i LIVE in wisconsin. see. i AM their target market!

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  1. I love that they have a good optical center AND that they have a Payless. Shoes and specs … kind of makes up for the old K-Mart like vibes. 🙂

  2. It’s Walgreens. I worked there for ohhhh, six years. I know.

    Not Wal-greens. Now I know where your blog name comes from. BEEEotch.


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